Ravintola Sipuli´s Christmas buffet


Mon-Fri 11.30–15.00 & 18.00–23.00, Sat 12.00–16.00 & 18.00–23.00

6th of December 13.00–16.00

Sun 11.30-14.00 & 16.00-18.30

22nd of December 11.30–15.00



Whitefish roe and chives sour cream mousse

Baltic herring in garlic

Basil herring

Cold smoked salmon tartar and pickled radish

Smoked salmon from Ahvenanmaa with Rhode Island sauce

Peppered pork fillet and shiitake mushroom chutney

Goose terrine with nuts and Cumberland sauce

Duck liver mousse and date compote

Root vegetables roasted in cumin and sunflower seeds

Forest mushroom salad

Sallad of pear, Jerusalem artichoke and blue cheese

Boiled potatoes

Christmas bread and butter


Pan fried roast of lamb and blackcurrant sauce

Roasted salmon and Remoulade sauce

Simmering red cabbage and rosemary potatoes

Green leaves and passionfruit-mandarin orange vinaigrette



French cheeses, 7 different ones

Carrot and fig jam

Caramelized nuts and truffle honey

Date bread and Åby – crisp bread


Cake with caramell, dark chocolate and cranberries

Blueberry and raspberry pannacotta

Spice cake

Marmalades and macarons

Buffet á 59,00