Weddings 1 October 2016–30 September 2017

Subject to a 30-guest minimum

Ravintola Sipulis wedding buffet menu

Suggestions for aperitif

Taittinger Brut Reservé 88,00

Arthur Metz Cremant Alsace, France  61,00

Jules Larose Blanc de Blancs Brut, France 42,00

Sipuli´s sparkling wine cocktail 13,00

Canapés   à 4.00 €/piece




Cep&Goat cheese



We recommend a minimum of 3 pieces per person.


”Sipuli tapas”  41.00  (without main course 36.00 )

Prawns with chilli and mango L,G

Garlic lamb with Sambal Oelek aioli L,G

Gazpacho with basil oil L,G

Andalucian chorizo with fermented cabbage L, G

Spicy chicken noodle salad L,G

Herb-roasted peppers with rustic bread and cream cheese with herbs L


Cajun salmon with potato terrine and a cold caper dressing L,G


Wedding cake and coffee

”Sipuli across the seven seas” 49.00  (without main course 43.00 )

Sesame prawns with a soy sauce aioli L,G

Salmon with herbs served with a tomato and avocade vinaigrette L,G

Fiery chicken breast with apple chutney L,G

Beef tataki with marinated radishes L,G

Roast broccoli, carrot and pumpkin seeds

Pear, blue cheese and nut salad L,G

Mixed herb salad with rustic bread and hummus L


Slow-cooked leg of lamb served with with parsnips and tzatziki L,G


Wedding cake and coffee

Macarones in tower: blueberry, pistachio, chocolate, salt-caramel, yuzu  à 395.00

Macaroon: pistachio, chocolate, salt-caramel, yuzu  à 1.80/piece

Marsmallow Pops: liquorice, raspberry, blueberry, vanilla and passion  à 3.50/piece

Pralines: mojito, grand marnier, citrus-coriander, passion  à 1.60/piece

Praline Pops: mojito, grand marnier, citrus-coriander, passion  à 1.80/piece

Late night dishes:

Hot dogs served with roast onion, chilli aioli and cucumer compote 9.00

Eromanga’s beef and rice pastry served with a frankfurter, ketchup and garlic mayonnaise 12.00

Selection of cheeses, date jam and spiced bread 15.00


VAT is included in the prices. We reserve the right to change the prices.

Ravintola Sipulis wedding dinner menu

Menu Kanavaranta 43,00

 Lightly spiced pumpkin soup L, G


Slow-cooked leg of lamb served with with parsnips and tzatziki L,G

Wedding cake and coffee



Menu Klassikko 54,00

Cold smoked salmon tartar served with malted mayonnaise and cucumber L


Chateaubriand served with bacon and a port wine sauce L,G

Wedding cake and coffee



Menu Pohjola 52,00

Duck breast served pink with a vegetable salad and an apple and ginger compote L,G


Roast lavaret served with beetroot and beurre blanc L,G


Wedding cake and coffee



Menu Sipuli 64,00

Duck liver mousse served with fig jam and brioche L


Lightly spiced pumpkin soup L,G


Fillet of reindeer served with roast root vegetables and a boletus sauce L,G


A selection of cheeses served with rhubarb compote LL,G


Wedding cake and coffee