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Buffet menus 2023

Sipuli Buffet menu 2023


Rene Barbier Cava, Spain 8,00€ / 12cl 48,00€ / bottle

De Castellane Champagne, France 16,00€ / 12cl 95,00€ / bottle

Canapés 5,00/ piece

Jerusalem Artichoke with buckwheat and caviart
White fish-Sea buckhorne cheviche L
Bird liver mousse with fig M
Parsnip pannacotta L,G
Crispy bread with Peltolan blue cheese L,G
Chocolate with raspberry L
Lemon with liquorice L


Roasted pumking, chorizo and herb-youghurt sause L,G

Melon-feta salad and mint vinaigrette L,G

Meditarranean pasta salad L

Root vegetable salad, sprouts and lemon vinaigrette L,G

Truffel salami and cepp mushroom mayonnaise M,G

Fennel salmon and lime cream M,G

Dill potatoes L,G

House bread and butter L


Iberico pork neck and dark olive sauce L,G


Lemon cake and liquorice meringue L


Fresh green salad and lemon vinaigrette V,G

Spelt salad, finnish squeaky cheese and red currant L

Roasted beetroot salad seeds and goat cheese sause L,G

Waldorf salad L,G

Nanny goat cheddar, yellon beet salad and crispy buckwheat L,G

Smoked salmon and marinated fennel M,G

Smoked roach fish M,G

Black currant herring M,G

Smoked pork ”coppa” and truffel mayonnaise M,G

Rabbit terrine and red onion- thyme sauce L

Dill potatoes L,G

House bread and butter L


Crispy roasted white fish and fennel-butter sauce L,G


Berry – meringua cake

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