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WEDDING 2022-2023

Sipuli is the perfect setting for your wedding, whether you are planning to invite 50 or 500 guests.

We offer a range of menus, including buffet options, for your special day. You can choose your own wedding cake and we will be delighted to provide a late night snack for partygoers to make sure they can keep going until the small hours.


Team Sipuli is ready to help you with your plans.

Wedding package:

30-60 people                                   99,00/person (Banquet and Kanava hall)
60-90 people                                                        96,00/person (Banquet hall)
60-120 people                                                       96,00/person (Kanava hall)
70-100 people 99,00/person (Wintercarden)
100-200 people 96,00/ person ( Wintercarden)

Wedding package with live music + 1.800€
-Sipuli House Band, 2x45min sets,

Wedding package includes:
Three course menu served at the table or a buffet menu and three glasses of wine. Also ambience lighting, cloak service and floral decorations: flower arrangements to all of the tables or a bigger flower arrangement to the buffet.
Function room is available until midnight with no extra charge. Last call will be given at 11:30 p.m. Overtime will be charged extra (300,00/ hour) until 3:30 a.m.
There are fixed sound systems in all function rooms and two wireless microphones at your use.
With our sound system you can play music via mobile phone, computer etc.
One two hour meeting with the restaurant is included to the price. Extra hours 100€/hour.

A glass of house sparkling wine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Buffet (main course served to the table +4€)

Choose two (2) from each category:

Salad of melon and feta cheese with mint vinaigrette
Tomato and mozzarella, arugula and balsamic vinegar
Salad of spelt and Finnish squeaky cheese with redcurrant
Salad of roasted beetroot with sesame and seeds and goat cheese creme
Salad of roasted potatoes, nettle pesto and pickled red onion


Ginger gravad salmon and pickled cucumber
Roasted potatoes and fennel with smoked salmon and sorrel
Smoked roach and perch
(Yuzu- chili Baltic herring, Juniper berry herring, Blackcurrant herring)

Smoked pork ‘coppa’ with truffle mayonnaise
Country style pâtè with cherry jam
Duck rillette and redcurrant jelly
Lamb roast with miso and roasted eggplant

Choose a main course for the group:

Roasted Arctic Char and chives- butter sauce


Tender neck of lamb with dark caper sauce

Seasonal vegetable and potato side dish with both of the main courses


Wedding cake, coffee and tea

2 glasses house red or white wine

Wedding cake is to be chosen from bakery PH7:

Special techniques such as special effects and stages are not included to the price.

In addition:

blueberry, pistachio, chocolate, salted-caramel                                                       3,00/piece

Evening meals:
Hod Dog, roasted onion, chili-aioli and cucumber salad                                  10,00

Traditional Finnish flatbread, gabbage salad,
beef curry and cumin-dill sour cream                          

Let’s plan a wonderful wedding together!