Dinner menus

Dinner menus 2024


Aperitif suggestion

12cl Bottle
Pata Negra Brut, Spain 8,00€/ 48,00€
De Castellane Champagne, France 16,00€ / 95,00€

Canapés 5€ / piece

Jerusalem artichoke with buck wheat and cavi art V

Salmon mousse with cucumber and malt L

Beef tartar, capers and lovage L

Peltola`s blue cheese and beetroot VL, G

Lemon and liquorice L

Chocolate with raspberry L, G

We recommend ordering at least 3 pcs / person.

Menu Sipuli 72€

Charred salmon, marinated vegetables and butter milk sauce seasoned with dill G


Lamb tenderloin, roasted cauliflower and dark tomato – thyme sauce  L, G


Cheese selection and crispy bread VL, G


Nettle cake, white chocolate and gooseberry sorbet VL, G

Menu Navigare 59€

Herb marinated veal tenderloin, roasted almonds, pecorino cheese and ramsons G


Pan fried trout, spinach-potato croquette and lemon beurre blanc L, G


Savarine, raspberry and pistachio L

Menu Passat 56€

Rich cauliflower soup, rainbow trout roe L, G


Tender stewed beef roast, spinach-chinase cabbage and dark thyme sauce ja L, G


Rhubarb pannacotta, star anise crumble and blackberry L, G

Menu Puutarha 56.00€

Glazed yellow root, smoked tofu and parsley pesto V, G


Tomato-chickpea croquette, fried beluga lentils and shallot-herb vinaigrette V, G


Dark chocolate – passion fruit pastry V, G